Basketball Programming

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Developmental League:

Have a hooper who needs a little bit of high level instruction to take their game to the next level? There's no better way than to come in the Team Sportsplex each week for organized instruction on all aspects of the game of basketball. Players will build on skills week to week, ultimately leading to a controlled scrimmage. Come develop your skills with us!



Basketball Camps:

Camps offer a great way to further your child's basketball skills in the following areas:


Offense: Shooting drills & Competitions, Ballhandling, 3 on 3, and 5 on 5 games.                       

Defense: On-ball techniques, Help side, and Rebounding.


TSPX Spring League:

House League Hoops at its finest! In this league, each player signs up as an individual or "free agent." Players are assessed on the first night, then devided into equal teams. Teams are the same each week and are assigned a coach. Each week includes a 30 minute practice followed by a regulation game. House leagues are perfect for refining skills in a real game setting!


Team Leagues:

In these leagues, pre-organized teams register together and are separated by grade level. Teams play a set schedule of games throughout the duration of the program. This is the perfect setting to see if your team has what it takes to rise above the compeition!

Individual /Weekday Group Training:

The Team Sportsplex also offers one on one training sessions as well as group training sessions throughout the week. Group training days vary depending on the time of year and the availability of court space. Private Lesson hours are very flexible. Individual lessons cost $65 per lesson, groups cost range from $35-$40 per lesson, depending on the size of the group and last an entire hour. For more info, or to schedule, please contact Chase via text at (225) 354-6947 or email at


Red Storm Basketball

Team Sportsplex is home to Red Storm AAU/YBOA basketball teams in 4th-9th grades. Red Storm Basketball believes that individual skill development and discipline are the two most important parts of club basketball.  We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive technical/skill training to each of our players so they can reach their highest potential. Red Storm's season begins with tryouts in February, with practices and games running from March-June. For more information on Red Storm Basketball, please email Chase Stanley at or visit

Schedule Of Events & Upcoming Sessions

Group Training                                       3rd-4th Grades                             January 17-February 7, 2021                       $105

Group Training                                       5th-8th Grades                             January 17-February 7, 2021                       $105


Mardi Gras Group Training Camp       4th - 8th Grades                          February 15-16, 2021                                    $175

Group Training                                        5th - 8th Grades                          February 8 - 22, 2021                                    $105

Group Training                                        3rd - 4th Grades                          February 8 - 22, 2021                                    $105

Group Training                                        5th - 8th Grades                          February 21, 2021                                          $35

Group Training                                        3rd - 4th Grades                          February 21, 2021                                          $35