Volleyball Programming

Fall Volleyball Clinic

Fall Volleyball Clinic

Serving is one the skills focused on at the Fall Clinic!

Fall Volleyball Clinic

Fall Volleyball Clinic

Coaches lead players through warm-ups during the Fall Clinic!

Youth Volleyball                                                            Red Storm Volleyball


VolleyTots is an athletic and skills program designed for 3-1/2-8 year old boys and girls to enhance physical and mental ability as well as introduce the sport of volleyball.



This is a great program for boys and girls who want to learn the game of volleyball and have fun at the same time.  We will focus on skills and drills that will enhance motor learning and volleyball skill development.    The main skills we will work to develop are passing, hitting and serving and engage in 4 on 4 competition.



Clinics & Camps: 

Clinics and camps are designed to develope the overall player. Whether you want to prepare before club season, or you just want to brush up your skills for the middle school volleyball season, these clinics and camps will have you ready! 

Team Sportsplex is host to the Red Storm Volleyball Club. Red Storm Elite Volleyball believes that individual skill development and discipline are the two most important parts of club volleyball. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive technical/skill training to each of our players so they can reach their highest potential. We believe that great teams develop from having great players so we will do our best to help each player become the best she can be. Additionally, we feel it is important that players learn how to be great teammates and learn the tactical part of the game as well. For more information, please contact Donna Pixley at redstormclub@gmail.com.

For information about individual/group skills training, please contact Holly Tupper at redstormrecruiting@gmail.com.


Schedule Of Events & Upcoming Sessions

Summer Volleyball Camp                  4th - 8th Grades                          July 12 - July 15, 2021                            $175

VolleyKids                                             6yr - 10yr olds                             July 19-20, 2021                                     $60


VolleyTots                                             4yr - 6yr olds                               July 19-20, 2021                                      $60   


Hitting/Blocking Training                  7th - 12th Grades                        July 6, 2021                                             $50


Passing/Serving Training                   7th - 12th Grades                        July 6, 2021                                             $50


Setting Training                                   7th - 12th Grades                        July 7, 2021                                              $50 

Group Training: All Skills                   7th - 12th Grade                         June 14, 2021                                           $35          

Serving/Passing Training                   7th - 12th Grade                         June 15, 2021                                           $35 


Group Training: All Skills                   7th - 12th Grade                         June 15, 2021                                           $35 

Group Training                                    5th - 8th Grade                           June 16, 2021                                           $35

Group Training                                    5th - 8th Grade                           June 16, 2021                                           $35